If you are a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus and have your usual residence in the Republicand:

a. you have completed your21styear of age,

b. you are of agood character, and

c. you are a holder ofa Law degree recognized by the Legal Council

Firstly, you should enrollas a Trainee Advocatein Cyprus. Following the completion of the required12 months of legal practice either ina law firm in Cyprus or at the Attorney General'sLaw office, and provided that you have successfully passed the examination of the Legal Council forthe Trainee Advocates, you will be entitleto be enrolledas an advocate,and therefore, to practice in Cyprus.

The examinations are conducted under the supervision and management ofthe Legal Council on specific subjects, in particular:

1. Constitution

2. Judiciary / Advocates Law/ Lawyer’s Ethics

3. Criminal Law

4. Civil/ TortLaw

5. Civil Procedure

6. Evidence law

7. Contracts

8. Criminal Procedure


1. Article 146 of the Constitution

2. Corporate Law

3. Family Law

4. Land Law/ Succession Law

In order tosuccessfully passtheaforementionedexaminations, the Legal Council organizes seminars/lecturesin cooperation with judges and practicing lawyers on the above topics.

For more information please contact the Legal Council at +35722889205 and/or at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.