Dear Members,

The Department of Supervision and Compliance of the CBA, as part of the implementation of its Risk-Based Approach, announces that all supervised entities (Lawyers, LLC/Partnerships, ASPs) are obliged to follow CBA’s online procedure in regards to The Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities and Terrorist Financing.

It is emphasized that all supervised entities natural and legal persons without exceptions are obliged and must follow the online procedure of the Questionnaire whether they offer administrative services or not. Specifically, all:

  1. Lawyers (Trainee Lawyers are excluded)
    • Directors / Employees of the LLC and/or ASP
    • Self-employed
  2. LLCs
  3. Partnerships
  4. ASPs (only when it has customers and issues invoices)

The procedure covers the period 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020 and should be completed by 30th of June 2021 by all supervised entities and is conducted through the following link:

In case the supervised entities do not comply with the aforementioned deadline, the CBA may impose penalties.

A Handbook can be found HERE for guidance purposes.


Cyprus Bar Association

05 April 2021