The Advocates’ Law authorizes and entrusts responsibility to the Bar Council amongst others to the following:

  1. To maintain the honour and independence of the Bar and its defence in relation to the judiciary and the executive.
  2. To regulate the practice and etiquette of the profession.
  3. To answer questions and give rulings affecting professional etiquette and practice.
  4. To examine, and if it thinks fit, to report upon current legislation and any other legal matters submitted to it or to make recommendations to Government as to the desirability of introducing any legislation.
  5. To represent the body of practising advocates in any matter in which it may be necessary or expedient.
  6. To further good relations and understanding between the Bar and the public.
  7. To protect the public right of access to the Courts and of representation by counsel before any court or Tribunal.
  8. To prescribe the powers and functions of Local Bar Committees additional to those conferred by this Law.
  9. To make Rules regulating and prescribing any of the above matters, subject to such Rules being approved by the majority of a general meeting of the advocates.